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Life can be challenging and there are so many things we can learn from each other. My journey is one of overcoming and I want to share all I've learned with you to help you see that anything is possible. From nutrition advising, life coaching, entrepreneur coaching, adoption guidance, TMJ and chronic pain support, to helping to transform your mind and body as a Pilates services are virtual and in person in order to walk alongside any woman who is searching for God's best.

Life's Experiences and Formalized Training for a Very Best Life!

"It ain't the giving up, it's the giving for. Like's the struggle that brings you closer to God." - Father Stu

Nutrition Advising

I believe that our body is a temple and when we feed it well, it serves us best! I have lived with chronic pain and health issues for decades. As your Nutrition Advisor, I can help you discover what will get your closer to your best.

Nutrition can change everything.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Raised by a farmer daddy in Talapoosa, Missouri I learned grit and innovation. In the last 35 years, by God's Grace and the belief in possibility I have launched small boutiques to million dollar franchises and countless successful small businesses. Women should know how to make their dreams come true! Let's do that. I can help you.

Life Coaching

Life can be challenging. For decades, I have lived with chronic pain, overcome traumatic experiences and searched for God's best for my life. Through it all, I have come to understand the power of the mind and the power of possibility. 

I would love to help you.

Chronic Pain Support

There is not much I have not experienced in the way chronic pain and the unexplainable. I always say, "meet Never!" because the doctors always said "Well, I have NEVER seen this!" The thing is, after total jaw joint replacement surgery for TMJ and chronic pain for decades, one thing is for sure...I can teach you the power of your mind to overcome.


I could talk about how pilates has transformed my life until Jesus comes! For YEARS, I have experienced every bizarre health condition under the sun. It was pilates (along with powerful nutrition) that transformed my strength and my body. I can train you in my home studio or virtually. Let's chat!


Hands down, being a homeschool family in this current world has been incredible for our family! If you are called to do it, I can help you figure out a way!

  • Religious Freedom
  • Less-stress!
  • The ONLY advocate for your children.
  • More time efficient learning.
  • Customized learning for your child's giftings.
  • Family togetherness and communicaton.
  • Family Bonding.
  • Highest rate of confidence in kids!

Adoption Advising

Wow. This one. As a mother of an incredible daughter from Guatemala, I am well aware of the emotions and need for understanding that come with adopting your forever child into your forever home..and the transition once everyone is home! I am here to help you navigate the adoption process (and maybe just working through the idea!)

  • Chronic Pain Survivor
  • TMJ total jaw joint replacement survivor
  • Nutrition Advisor
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Wife
  • Momma - Adoptive & Biological...and grandmother!
  • Master Pilates Instructor
  • Million Dollar Entrepreneur
  • Serial Believer In Possibility

Hey! I'm's great to see you here.

I'm Cherry Harris!

From little bitty Talapoosa, Missouri to Texas livin', my entire life is based on the power of possibility and believing that anything can be accomplished and overcome. My clients become such a huge part of my life because I get to walk it all out with them, guide them, see real lasting change, and of dreams come true by overcoming.

For nearly 4 decades I have been a successful entrepreneur with my husband, Donnie, and have experienced more in this short 54 years than I can diary here. Whatever your goals, I can help you!

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